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Quote for Smart, Skillful & Successful! A Kids Guide To Understanding ADHD

"a wonderful book for children. Meets a big need." Edward Hallowell, M.D.       6559692-74f682dbb4e6d7be79758b156629febd

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Reviews for Smart, Skillful & Successful           6559692-74f682dbb4e6d7be79758b156629febd  

Review for Stand Boldly & Shine Brightly by Lisa's Book Reviews     6569847-c565ce7b0f608b710421f755e622e30a

Review for Being Happy! A Kid's Guide To Understanding Mindfulness            6647977-7f172ff194f603eee6072696173b8275

Review for Too Much of A Good Thing! A Kid's Guide To Understanding Addiction6600772-c59d4fa23c85d4570c75db82fb6da9d2

Review for Chill Out! A Kid's Guide To Less Stress & More Relaxing!6666844-aa847bf92b0ba2f365cb9571ae2a0754

Review for FAT is Like The "F" Word by Lisa's Kids' Book Reviews6702705-ead1e92dbbcc19dc7eea034b8a6ced54

Review for Finding A Happy Medium...Understanding & Preventing Childhood Obesity 6769120-20dde8a1e12b0d905dbd97d7b2f951a2

Review for Sometimes...I Blurt by Lisa's Kids' Book Reviews  6471412-9576765fa54b7b1f0dfdb1dc65957929

Review for Sometimes...I Blurt by Matthew D. Lorentzen 

Review for PRIDE...Celebrating LGBTQ  6835370-24a59d0fefe3a0b3bb86a158667cfaf0

Review for How To Be A Hero   6782741-54a95504e1310408dc5b4ea6e22f1251

Review for Sometimes...I Argue!  6628097-7c6128993d8dea7f3971844bc9c892e1

Review for Being You!6935866-89958dbb04a07708b71d9591da2c3af5

Review for It's All Good!  7095944-d1debbae94dbb9ce5b6c74af098421e5

Review for Mindfulness For Kids    6600872-b219dce3d2fecfeb73815755f5581f46

Review for What Goes Up, Must Come Down  6991581-374b4eccf76e7fb5198d8637c5114402


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