Mindfulness & Your Senses Activity

Mindfulness & Your Senses Activity


LOOK at what you’re seeing-

Look at people.

Smiling, Laughing, Sharing.

Look at animals.

Snuggling, Healing, helping.

Look at nature.

Growing, Blooming, Feeding.

Look at you. You’re beautiful.

Open your eyes.

LOOK around at the sights and see them clearly!


LISTEN to what you’re hearing-

Listen to the sounds of people.

Humming, Chatting, Singing.

Listen to the sounds of animals.

Purring, Chirping, Barking.

Listen to the sounds of nature.

Buzzing, trickling, swishing.

Listen to you.

Listen to your breath, your heart beat.

Open your ears.

LISTEN to the sounds that you hear!


TASTE what you’re eating-

Savor the taste of food.

Nibble, munch, bite.

Savor the taste of drink.

Sip, quench, slurp.

Savor the taste of flavors.

Sweet, salty, sour.

Savor what you eat.

Open your palate.

Savor the flavors and TASTE!


SMELL the scents you’re smelling-

Sniff the people inside scents.

People smells, Baking aromas, cleaning fragrances.

Sniff the nature outside scents.

Flower bouquets, Water sprays, Animal odors.

Sniff the scent of weather.

Rain splashes, sunshine gleams, snow sparkles.

Sniff the scent of you.

Open your nose.

Sniff the scents and SMELL!


FEEL the vibrations that you’re feeling.

Feel your breath and heartbeat.

Breathe and just be with yourself.

FEEL THE LOVE you have for yourself.

You are beautiful!

FEEL THE LOVE you have for your family.

For your friends. For nature and animals. Beautiful.

FEEL THE LOVE you have for the world.

Isn’t it beautiful?

LOVE all the beautiful in the world!

Open your heart and FEEL!



*Adapted from my poem called YOU in the World

and inspired by the Mindful Wake Up Your Senses bonus activity I wrote for Being the Change in The World