Put Away Your Phone! Virtual Book Tour



Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for my new picture book 

Put Away Your Phone!

Before we get started, here's a quick refresher...

WHAT is a Virtual Book Tour?images

A Virtual Book Tour is basically an online event that spotlights a new book that is being released into the book market. WHO is involved in this? The author (me) is featured on guest blogs from other people's websites (the bloggers). These are the "stops" on the tour. Each blog site/stop presents something different about the book and the author (and in some cases, the illustrator).

If you have read all the details about the tour and you want to jump right in, CLICK HERE. But...if your really not sure what's going on yet, please finish reading the page!

Männchen mit StiftSome things to remember...

(don't worry, easy peasy stuff)

My blog (a few words...) will be the "headquarters" for my book tour. Here, you'll find what is being featured each day of the tour and helpful links to keep you in the right place.

I'll post the day before what will be featured on the next day. If there are any new events or features on the tour, you can always check back here (on my blog) for info that has been updated each day. If you get lost along the way-it happens-you can always come back to my site and look for my book tour in the Put Away Your Phone menu heading!

shutterstock_65556871Finally...did I mention there is a contest? THERE IS!

Each day I'm going to have a trivia question for you to answer. If your a child following along, they may be kind of tricky, so have an adult help you and go ahead and search the internet for the answer. When you're done researching, submit your answer in the comments section below. 

Your name will be put in a hat to be drawn for 5 prizes to give away at the end of the tour. Check back in the next day for the answer to the previous day's question! On the day after the final day of the book tour, the final answer will be given and a list of all winners and prizes! Phew...that's a lot of info! No worries, each day I'll remind you about what's going on:)

So? Are you ready?shutterstock_69053353

Then let's go to my blog and start the tour...