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Welcome to the first official post for

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 What is a blog, anyways? It’s really kind of a silly word, but basically a blog is a regular entry or post from a writer (ME) on a website. A blog is written for a specific group of people/readers (YOU). To make it not sound so silly, let's just call it a post. So, why would I want to write a regular post to you? Mostly, just for fun and also to keep you updated on my new books for you to read. Hopefully, as time passes, you’ll look forward to checking my website for new posts, from me to you!

Since this is the first post, I thought I might tell you a little bit about me... 

...Author Tracy Bryan!frf

I live in central Florida with my husband Adam. 2015-04-05 12.53.32

and our son Jordan.IMG_5265 

We have two dogs in our family named Jack and Rusty.

They are Jack Russell Terriers and love to eat treats and bones.2015-08-23 12.55.05


We live in kind of a unique community-it’s actually an airport too, with a runway. Most of the homes have hangars beside them, so people can fly their airplane into the community and park it right beside their house! That's what my family does. Cool, right?


Adam (my husband) is a pilot and we fly our airplane all over the United States and Canada.

2015-09-24 20.48.09  

We visit Toronto, Canada a lot because my daughter, Jade, lives there. This is Jade with her boyfriend Salim. Salim is part of our family too. 


Here's me and Jade on her apartment rooftop patio. She made a Surprise Birthday Tea Party for me that visit!   

At home, I have a desk in the kitchen and this is where I do most of my writing.

Here's Rusty sitting on my desk! 2014-02-26 08.34.29 Hi Rusty!

I also have a pink studio where I like to do yoga and make miniature faerie gardens.

Jack and Rusty have beds in all of the rooms in my house because they like to follow me around wherever I go. This is Jack looking up at me when I took his picture.

Hi Jack! 2012-03-15 20.28.25

We get around our community on our golf cart (because it's such a big place) and we walk everywhere. Twice a day we go for walks to Eagle Lake. It’s really a small pond, with a path that goes all the way around it.2014-02-09 16.25.10 I wrote a book about it called The Sharing Pond.    

*You can read this book if you click on Tracy’s Bookshelf in the main menu of my website. Scroll all the way down, until you see the heading Nature & Wildlife Books. Click on that and it will direct you to this page. Scroll down to the bottom and The Sharing Pond is the last book in this catalogue.

Click on the book cover to preview the book.the sharing pond

shutterstock_251090083When I’m not writing books, feeding, walking or snuggling with my dogs or doing crafts and yoga, I like to spend time with my family.2015-08-24 14.04.45

This is all of us on vacation. We had an old-fashioned picture taken of us where we had to dress up in vintage clothes!

A lot of the books I have written have been inspired and about my family. My kids, who are grown up now, both had pretty typical childhoods. They did have some difficulties though, just like every kid and adult. When I think up ideas for my books, I try to remember about my own childhood difficulties and those of my kids. There are so many issues that everyone has to face and hopefully overcome in their life. I hope to make your life just a little bit easier for you by providing information and tips for you in my books. So, the best thing that I can tell you is…thank you for reading my books and KEEP READING! 



Now, if you want to tell me a little bit about YOU, write me an email at tracy@tracybryan.com or leave a comment below this post anytime.

I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can! Take Care, Trace:)2014-07-29 16.11.09

                                  (This is me in our airplane in the co-pilot's seat!)