A Good Day: A Picture Book Series About Neurodiversity

Hi Friends!

I have some awesome news…


For my next book project, I’m collaborating

with my incredibly talented daughter, Jade!

A little bit about Jade

she's a naturally gifted writer and has been

communicating her insights and musings for

decades in her academic endeavors and

extracurricularly. Currently, she studies, 

advocates, and promotes diversity in all

cultural forms (race, gender, sexual

orientation, psychology, and neurology).

By way of unique intuition into human

behavior and with enhanced senses, Jade

outputs this into creative energy using

many types of artistic expression; fine

art, mixed media, performing arts,

theatre, dance, music, photography, and


And these are not just

words of a proud mom.

She really is quite

phenomenal and I'm

so honored to be

working side by side with

her on this venture!

Jade will be lending

her creative talents as

illustrator, co-writer,

and book designer for

our project.

Speaking of which, our project is an

illustrated picture book series about 

Neurodiversity called

A Good Day

In case you haven’t been following along

with me on my blog, The Neurodiversity

Paradigm is the perspective that everyone

has different neurocognitive functioning.

There is no “normal” way to think, process,

feel, behave, or communicate because

everyone’s brain is different and each

person uses their brain in different ways to

do these things.

Jade educated me about this progressive

concept and reformist movement and we are

so inspired to make a book that speaks to

Neurodivergent kids and their families.

I don’t want to give away too many juicy

details about the book, but I will give you a

sneak peek at the synapsis:

Take a glimpse into a community

that celebrates differences and

faces their challenges together.

Follow Sam and friends to a safe

place where every kid can just be

themselves. Open your heart and

get ready for a journey

through the


It’s a great day to be who you are.

Jade and I both identify as Neurodivergent

and because we believe in having authentic

representation in this book series, we are currently   

scouting out fellow creative Neurodivergents 

to illustrate some of the series with us.

(Particularly people that have been formerly

diagnosed with Autism and Autism Spectrum



If you would like to

share your

experiences or offer

insights about the

books, please email

Tracy at tracy@tracybryan.com 


If you would like to

submit a character

sketch illustration to be

considered for this

book series, please email

Jade: jadecaitlinbryan@me.com

Finally, all sales and proceeds from

A Good Day will be used for the creation

and publishing of the books and the

remainder will be donated to an

organization that advocates

Neurodiversity and that offers support

and impacts the lives of fellow

Neurodivergents! If you know an

organization that might benefit from our

proceeds, please email Tracy or Jade.

Stay tuned for more details about our project!