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Did you know...

During the week of November 13 – 17th,  individuals and organizations around the country participated in Transgender Awareness Week to help raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people?

Awesome, right?


Also, did you know that March 31st is Transgender Day of Visibility?

This day was established in 2010 by a trans advocacy group in Michigan. In the years since, it has become a global celebration of the accomplishments of trans people, and a chance to give the trans population the recognition they more than deserve.


But... did you know that Nov 20th was Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), an annual observance that honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence?

Not so awesome that this kind of discrimination and hate  exists in our world.


Thankfully, on Thursday, December 7th, 2017, HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program and the National Education Association (NEA) are uniting with HRC Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings and Jessica Herthel (creators of the children’s book “I Am Jazz”) to participate in the third annual National “I Am Jazz” Day.

They're working together to educate, inspire, and enlighten our world...

So...what can WE do as a community?


On or before December 7th, (or anytime for that matter) please take a moment to read 'I Am Jazz' and/or one or more of the suggested books below. Read them to yourself, to a child, to a friend, or anyone that you believe would benefit from these awesome books. The more people in your read the better!


To support transgender and non-binary youth across the nation. Let’s remind them and each other that there are people in our world that care.

LOVE conquers hate.

If we educate through books, it just may spread that much more awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community and the issues they confront.

When all people understand that ALL people are diverse and have their own unique and diverse issues, this acceptance about human nature brings us that much closer together.

And that is what we really need in the world right now.


…let’s read…

…and love…


…and conquer hate!

Share your reading experience here anytime over the next few weeks. Post your thoughts, pics, and any suggestions about how we can all make this an even more awesome initiative!

Suggested Books for your read:


Gender Expansive and Transgender characters

Redefining gender roles

Gender Fluidity

 Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Essential Gender Diversity

& LGBTQIA Sites:

Handy Social Media Info

On Facebook:

Transgender & Genderqueer Teens -- for trans youth from 13-24.

Parents of Transgender Children -- for parents and immediate caregivers of transgender folks of any age, but there are many parents of teens and kids there.

Allies of Transgender Children -- for parents, family, and other allies of trans folks.

Transgender Parenting -- for parents, spouses, family and other allies of trans folks.(Courtesy of 

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#agender #aromantic #asexual #bi #bisexual #demisexual

#equality #equalrights #ftm #gay #gaypride #genderfluid

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#ProtectTransKids #queer #transgender


    Why do I personally care about these issues so much?

Throughout my life I have known, loved, and felt with people from the LGBTQIA+ community. I believe that all people deserve to have the same basic rights and choices to live, love, and be the way that they want to be...regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation. We are all skin and bones and heart and brain. The LGBTQIA community and its allies are inspiring new ideas about the way we think about these concepts and teaching society that certain labels, pronouns, and social conventions are no longer acceptable. Cheers to mixing it up…

it’s about time!

My contribution to being an Ally for Gender Diversity and the LGBTQIA Community:



 The ABC’s of Gender Diversity

 I wrote this about the changing views in our society regarding gender diversity (keep in mind that this was written in 2015 and boy oh boy (pun intended) in two years has our cultural ideology ever changed!)



(click on the book covers to preview)

Boy Girl Girl Boy!

The Who’s Who Book of Gender Diversity

Opposites (Don’t Always) Attract!

Sexual Orientation & Diversity


 Tracy Bryan writes whimsical books for kids ages 4-12. She likes to tackle important and diverse topics that affect kids and their families. She also writes a blog for adults and one for kids aged 7-12 called The Awesomeness Blog.

Visit her website welcome page, and on Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter.