My Photo Gallery

Welcome to my Photo Gallery!shutterstock_243915301

In case you wanted to have a peek or if you need them for promotional reasons, I've put together a collection of different photos from my life. You are welcome to use these photos of me. If you click on the image, it will pop-up a larger version. You can then click the “Download This Image” link to save the photo to your own computer.

frf Author Picture Taker

2015-02-08 11.49.42 Walker of Doggies

IMG_3278  Messy, messy writing desk writer!

2016-01-17 12.53.56 copy Bicycler

2015-07-06 13.39.04 Hiker


2015-08-06 20.09.05  Phone Holder (Put Away Your Phone! Tracy LOL)

Hey Kids...Do you have favorite pictures of you? Here's a fun activity that you can do with the help of an adult. Make a memory book of here to learn about this activity and download the handouts!