Author Spotlight Topic: Explaining Addiction To Children 

shutterstock_225298123Our Nation’s #1 health problem is alcohol and drug dependence. For decades, NCADD and their National Network of Affiliates have seen how addiction not only affects the individual but millions of family members. Fathers, mothers, single parents, couples straight or gay, regardless of ethnicity or social group, rich or poor….drug and alcohol abuse can destroy relationships. Most of all, young children and adolescents suffer the greatest from the effects of the abuse of alcohol and drugs in the family. With help and recovery, awareness and education, both for the individual and the family, families can heal together.*


As a child and adult, I have witnessed the destructive outcomes that addiction can bring. As someone who has, for the most part, overcome addiction and is still in recovery, I feel that I need to inspire others, especially children living and coping with it. As a writer, I have created a series of books that educate and hopefully inspire families to find the strength and hope needed to understand and confront addiction.

*Don't forget to check out the essential website links about Addiction at bottom of the page.* I'm not advocating them in any way, I'm just making them available to anyone who may want them. 

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Explaining Addiction To Children Series (for Ages 4-12) HERE



shutterstock_64929421Essential Addiction Websites

For Parents (Alcoholics Anonymous) (Alcohol Awareness Council) (Parental Guide about Drug Awareness)

(LGBTQ Addiction Guide) (Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention ) (Narcotics Anonymous)


****FOR KIDS**** (parents view first please)

SPECIAL RESOURCE FOR KIDS- nocoa.org7cs_poster4kidspage

shutterstock_41217469-2*Adapted from (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc)