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Every couple months I like to keep you (my

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So, ready to hear what’s up with me this

summer? Well, I’m…


Because I live in Central Florida,

summertime, where I am, is crazy hot! It

stays way above the hundred mark, so my

guy and I LOVE TO TRAVEL to cooler

destinations during the summer.

Most of the year we try to frequently get out

of our comfort zone, and even on mini

staycations to the Caribbean, but in the

summer we LOVE TO TRAVEL to farther

reaches of the globe like Canada, England,

France and Italy.

We use a company called Backroads that

features bicycling and hiking tours all over  

the world. We particularly LOVE TO

TRAVEL overseas and bike/hike the

European countryside.

In these small towns and cities, we immerse

ourselves in the culture of each region. We

LOVE TO TRAVEL to learn about the art,

architecture, and history of the people in

these places.

When we need a break, we park our bikes in

one of the quaint outdoor cafes and have a

bite. We LOVE TO TRAVEL to areas where

we can taste new and yummy foods.

I love being away and getting inspired by

different people and new destinations, but I

LOVE to travel in balance and enjoy

coming home just as much. However, the

summer is just beginning and we might just

find another great place to explore.

I guess you’ll just have to read my blog in

the coming weeks to find out where I’m



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some of my travel secrets, have a peek at

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Before any trip, I pack my carry on with

essential reading materials for on the go. I’m

CURRENTLY READING several books, 

e-books, audiobooks, and blogs/articles.


Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo.

Because I’m experimenting with writing

outside of my genre, I’m trying to get in

touch with my middle-grade self and I’m

feeling inspired by titles like this one.

As research for my new book project, I’m

CURRENTLY READING the e-book: Ian’s

Walk-A Story About Autism by Laurie Lears

and illustrations by Karen Ritz.

 Also for research, I’m CURRENTLY

READING the audiobooks: NeuroTribes-

The Legacy of Autism and The Future of

Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman, and Ten

Things Every Child With Autism Wants You

To Know by Ellen Notbohm.

And as even more research, I’m


articles: ‘You Have Autism? Oh, I’m So

Sorry’ by Chris Bonnello, Ten Things About

Asperger’s I Want You To Know’ by Barbara

Doyle, ‘Navigating Lived Experience’ by Un-

Boxed Brain, ‘The Language of Autism’ by

Tara Parker-Pope, and ‘What Is

Neurodiversity?’ by John Elder Robison.

Finally, and of course, I’m CURRENTLY

READING my own blog! With all this

reading on the go to pack, I may just have to

plan for several trips this summer!



I hope you’ve been following along on my

Blog and on my Facebook and Twitter posts


I’m honored to be collaborating this summer

on a new illustrated book project with my

incredibly talented daughter, Jade. Together


illustrated book for kids aged 4-7 on the

theme of Neurodiversity. (To catch up and

learn more about Neurodiversity, click here).

You can follow our creative process on a

website page that I’m CURRENTLY

CREATING and will be updating regularly

called Spectrum: A Picture Book About





I feel so grateful to be able to write for kids

and be part of the KidLit community.

Currently, I feel completely BLISSFUL!

Having such awesome blogging friends also

makes it all so worthwhile and I hope you’ll

have a peek at just how awesome they

really are. You never know, they just might

write that #Gr8Blog that captivates you and

makes you feel BLISSFUL too…

Cat Michaels

Carmela Dutra

James Milson

Julie Gorges

Sandra Bennett

Auden Johnson

Thank you for stopping by my site and I’d

love to see you back; on my blog, my

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Have a completely BLISSFUL summer!