Book Tour…Day Two


Welcome Back to Day Two of

my Book Tour for

Put Away Your Phone!

Today we’ll be stopping at a different page on my site

In this blog, I introduce the issue of modern technology and how it can affect kids. Also, you get to read a little bit about the kinds of electronics that my kids used growing up and how these affected our family.

shutterstock_103611593Click on the link above and have a peek. Once there, please click on the next link there, to take you to the next stop on the tour and an update about what's scheduled for the next day!

(If you get lost along the way-it happens-you can always come back to my blog page!)


For Kids Eyes Only...dreamstime_xl_48637133

(and kids at heart)

Hey Everyone! In case you hadn't heard...Each day I'm going to have a trivia question for you to answer. If you're a child, they may be kind of tricky, so have an adult help you. Go ahead and search the internet for the answer if you need to. When you're done researching, submit your answer in the comments section below.

Today’s Trivia Question:shutterstock_99147956

What are the top two most popular smartphone brands in the world?

Submit your answer below as a comment on this blog. Your name will be put in a hat to be drawn for 5 prizes to give away at the end of the tour.

Check back in tomorrow for the answer!

Yesterday's trivia question answer to:

As of 2015, how many people in the United States have a smartphone?

Answer: Today, nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone.*

Coming tomorrow:shutterstock_69053353

On Day 3 of my Book Tour, we'll be taking a trek across the pond to Chris Graham's The Story Reading Ape Blog. Please keep in mind the time change between me here in Florida and the time in the UK-Chris' post time is 01:00 AM LONDON, UK time (about 5 hours ahead of US Eastern) 

I'm so excited to visit! 

See ya tomorrow...


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