Awesome Values! Book Series (Ages 7-9, 8-11)

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(Non-Fiction) Picture Books

Awesome Values! Series

Ages 7-9

(8 x 10″)

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Do you have all the abilities it takes to be a HERO? Everyday Heroes make a difference in the world by using their special abilities! Discover what these abilities are and find out how you can be an everyday hero...find the SUPER in you!

How To Be A Hero...Finding The Super In You!-Softcover

How To Be A Hero...Finding The Super In You!-Hardcover

How To Be A Hero...Finding The Super In You!-Kindle Version

Ages 8-11 years


Have you ever been in an argument and the other person feels totally differently than you do? Have you ever argued with someone else because you think your right and they are wrong? Have you ever gotten so mad at someone else because they just don't understand your feelings? Learn ways to work through all these common situations. Why argue with someone when you can... AGREE TO DISAGREE?

Agree To Disagree! Opinions & Arguments-Softcover

Agree To Disagree! Opinions & Arguments-Hardcover

Agree To Disagree! Opinions & Arguments-Kindle Version


We say 'thank you' everyday, each time someone does something nice for us or says something that brings us happiness. The best part of the thank you, is the emotions we feel when we say it-gratitude, appreciation, empathy and compassion. Discover what these words mean and why they are so important to us each time we say... 'THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!'

Thank You Soooo Much! Gratitude, Appreciation, Empathy & Compassion-Softcover

Thank You Soooo Much! Gratitude, Appreciation, Empathy & Compassion-Hardcover

Thank You Soooo Much! Gratitude, Appreciation, Empathy & Compassion-Kindle Version


Imagine that you are invited to go on a dream holiday... A different place to eat, sleep, explore, do activities and enjoy in a relaxing way. How can you possibly relax though, when you are somewhere far from home? That doesn't sound like such a dream, does it? Learn about comfort zones, travel homesickness and other natural human reactions to feeling uncomfortable. Then, next time you get the travel blahs and someone asks, "WHERE YOU AT?" you can say... I'm just chillin' on holidays!

Where You At? Coping With The Travel Blahs- Softcover

Where You At? Coping With The Travel Blahs- Hardcover

Where You At? Coping With The Travel Blahs- Kindle Version


Stage Fright is when we feel nervous and even a little afraid to speak or perform in front of other people. With the right tools and coping skills, mostly anyone can overcome this common fear. All it takes is some courage to understand it, some awareness to see it in ourselves and then a little self-compassion and strength to face it... Learn this inside and more!

Overcoming Stage Fright...Starring YOU!-Softcover

Overcoming Stage Fright...Starring YOU!-Hardcover

Overcoming Stage Fright...Starring YOU!-Kindle Version


At a certain age, some kids start to feel attracted to someone else- this is called having a crush on them. CRUSHING is totally natural and common! Most people feel this sometimes bumpy ride, and it helps to understand in order to make the ride a little bit smoother...Find out more about the science of ATTRACTION, PUBERTY, GENDER and SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

'Crushing' The Science of Attraction-Softcover

'Crushing' The Science of Attraction-Hardcover

'Crushing' The Science of Attraction-Kindle Version


Everyone has some ANXIETY, STRESS and WORRY in their life, sometimes a lot. These are natural and very human reactions to what we experience around us. Find out what anxiety, stress and worry are and why we have them. Also, discover easy ways to get rid of, control and prevent these and other awful feelings from taking over your life!

Breathe! Getting Through Anxiety, Worry & Stress-Softcover

Breathe! Getting Through Anxiety, Worry & Stress-Hardcover

Breathe! Getting Through Anxiety, Worry & Stress-Kindle Version

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