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Picture Books      

Read Aloud Ages 3-5/ Beginner Reader Ages 5-7

(8.5 X 8.5")  



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Do you ever blurt? You say something out loud... without thinking first about what your going to say? Learn some neat tricks to help you when you feel like your going to blurt!


Sometimes...I Blurt!- Softcover

Sometimes...I Blurt!- Kindle Format

Sometimes...I Blurt!- Ebook Version

Sometimes...I Blurt!- Audiobook Version

(8 X 10")

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Meet Emma… She’s a little girl that notices that grown-ups are always on their phones. Follow Emma as she counts her way through the zoo and help her shout PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE! 


Put Away Your Phone!- Softcover

Put Away Your Phone!- Hardcover 

Put Away Your Phone!- Kindle Format

Put Away Your Phone!- Ebook Version

Put Away Your Phone!-Audiobook Version


This Teacher's Guide was created to provide educators and parents with supplemental learning materials for the picture book Put Away Your Phone! Filled with educational resources and bonus activities that were made according to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Studies. Explore the contemporary issue of kids, families and their technology use. Also, learn how to adapt Social-Emotional Skills into your classroom or home in this straightforward guide. A must for any "grown-up" that wants to discover all the elements of Put Away Your Phone! with their child/children!

Put Away Your Phone! Teacher's Guide- Softcover

Put Away Your Phone! Teacher's Guide- Kindle Format

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Have you ever listened to how your body feels? Can you tell what it needs when you listen to it closely? This is mindfulness... Learn ways to get in touch with your body, so you can give your mind a break every once in a while!

Mindfulness For Kids- Softcover

Mindfulness For Kids- Kindle Version

Mindfulness For Kids-  Audiobook Version


Christmas is the most common winter holiday. There are many other winter holidays that kids around the world celebrate with their families too. Learn what these celebrations are and also ways that these kids keep happy and mindful during the winter holidays! Bonus Activities included: Around The World Celebrations Facts, Craft Fun, Writing Prompts & so much more to help you be...JOLLY & BRIGHT!

Being Jolly & Bright! Holiday Mindfulness For Kids-Softcover

Being Jolly & Bright! Holiday Mindfulness For Kids-Kindle FormatRPLA_Finalist_Badge



Everybody eats. Everybody has to eat! Do you know why? Have you ever eaten when you're bored? Have you eaten when you're sad about something? We really only need to eat when we are hungry, but sometimes we eat when we having other feelings too! Learn why we have to eat...Learn what we have to eat ...Learn how much we should eat! Are you ready to be healthy and stay healthy?                

Eating For Energy- Softcover 

Eating For Energy- Kindle Format  

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