Who Is Jamie?


Who Is Jamie?

This sweet little boy is the main character in the new book that I'm creating with

Illustrator David Barrow


Too Many Things!


Jamie is also the voice of kids everywhere.

He's a compassionate little guy that worries about the world around him. Like Emma (from Put Away Your Phone!) he is smart and clever, but... he has just a little bit more patience. Jamie is an earth loving, eco friendly, animal saving boy who wants to do his part to help save the world.

Jamie has more tact than Emma because he's older and gets less frustrated with grown-ups. He isn't trying to cause problems or give his parents a hard time either...he just wants his mom and dad to notice how much they shop and look at all the unneeded stuff they have around their house.

In some ways, Jamie is like a little super hero for his parents and possibly for his whole community!

How old is Jamie?

Eight years 

When is his birthday?

September 25th

Where was he born?

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Where does he live now?

Port Orange, Florida

What are Jamie's hobbies?

Football, Video Games, Photography

What grade is he in?

Grade four

What is his favorite subject?

Theatre Arts

What is his teacher's name?

Mr. Davidson

What is his favorite color?


What is his favorite food?

Licorice, Hamburgers & Carrots

What is his favorite board game?


Favorite Video Game?


What are his best friends' names?

Emma & David

Where does he like to go?

The library, the park, the theatre

What is his favorite animal?


What does Jamie want to be when he grows up?

A Wildlife Photographer & An Activist

Where does he want to work?

National Geographic