Who Is Emma?


Who Is Emma?

Emma is the main character of my new book called 

Put Away Your Phone! She is also the voice of kids and

adults everywhere. She is a hero in a little girl's body. Instead

of a cape, she wears red overalls. She is smart, clever,

humorous and just a little bit too impatient! Emma may even

be a little like you and me!


Emma isn't trying to cause problems or give her parents a

hard time...she just wants people and their families to be

more present in their lives and stop using their smartphones

so much!Pg16

Want to find out a little bit more about Emma?

Well, you've come to the right place! 

balloons-smallHow old is Emma?

Six years (almost seven)

When is her birthday?

July 1st

Where was she born?

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Where does she live now?

Orlando, Florida

What are Emma's hobbies?

Ballet, Hockey & PaintingPg04 6.11.36 PM

What grade is she in?

Split class of Grade one & two 

What is her favorite subject?


What is her teacher's name?

Ms. Cooper

What is her favorite color?


What is her favorite food?

Cheerios and Chicken Fingers 


What is her favorite board game?

Kids Pictionary 

Favorite Video Game?

Mario Party

What is her best friend's name?


Where does she like to go?

The library,the water park, the Zoo 


What is her favorite animal?


What does Emma want to be when she grows up?

A Veterinarian

Where does she want to work?

The Zoo (of course!)


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